It’s easy to spend two, three, even four days in St. Joseph exploring everything…but if you only have a day, here are some insider suggestions:

Wake up with a local coffee and a bite.

Head over to Cafe Pony Espresso for a cup of Joe. Locals love the friendly and comfortable atmosphere. They also have a health-conscious menu that will satisfy any vegan or vegetarian, and they showcase local artists and handmade goods for sale.

At Mokaska Coffee Company, you’ll find some of the freshest local coffee possible. This “small batch roaster” has a history in St. Joseph leading back to 1884. Today it’s simply an all-around groovy place to hang out.

Giddy Up…we’ve got sites to see!

St. Joseph is A museum lovers dream. As if being the home of the Pony Express and the demise of Jesse James weren’t enough, St. Joseph boasts an impressive 13 museums and many more notable historic attractions. We actually have more museums per capita than Washington D.C.! You can’t leave St. Joseph without a trip to the Pony Express National Museum and the Jesse James Home Museum.

Mental health care Isn’t what it used to be…

Thankfully! The Glore Psychiatric Museum. It’s haunted. It’s unnerving. It’s a psychological oddity. Voted ‘one of the 50 most unique museums in the country’ and garnering high marks from TripAdvisor, explore the vast and often times disturbing history of the treatment of mental illness at one of the only psychiatric museums in the world.

A Greenbelt of Natural Adventures.

Don’t forget your bike, because St. Joseph has one of the most unique parkway systems in the country. This 26-mile tree-lined urban trail is on the National Register of Historic Places and was designed in 1918. On the north side of the Parkway is a local favorite, Krug Park, where you can try out the 7-Mile Mountain Bike Trail loop. At the south side of the Parkway sits Hyde Park, a 93-acre active use park with a swimming pool, skate park, six tennis courts, basketball court, horseshoe courts, and a playground. Along the Parkway, you’ll find an 18-mile hike and bike trail, as well as regional on-road bike routes that pass through St. Joseph.

Hungry yet?

One of the most unique dining experiences in St. Joseph is the JC Wyatt House. Built in 1891 by John Cavan Wyatt, one of St. Joseph’s retailing pioneers; the JC Wyatt House is a lovingly restored Victorian mansion and captures the opulence of St. Joseph’s Golden Age. Chef Jeff Keyasko will create a special meal just for you, followed by a tour of this unique home by your host Jim Pallone.

If you’re more into a casual meal in a funky atmosphere, head over to Magoons Famous Delicatessen.  Traditional deli-style sandwiches are available and are served with your choice of bread, cheese, chips and a pickle. There is always Ben Magoon’s famous chili, other sides to choose and take out is always an option. This throw-back experience also has great drink specials and fantastic live music 5 nights a week.

Ready for a nightcap? With a book or a video game?

A bookstore bar? Nope, that’s not a misprint. Where else can you read a Steinbeck novel while drinking a “Hemingway Daiquiri?” Why here, of course. The Tigers Den is a unique and eclectic venue that offers a wide variety of used books, as well as craft beers, fine wines, and classic cocktails, trivia nights, and often times, live music.

A video game bar? Let your inner “nerd” out at Club Geek, a unique bar with retro gaming atmosphere. Play old school Nintendo games, SuperNES and Sega games, while watching cartoons and old movies! Be yourself, relax, have a craft beer, listen to some old-school tunes, and geek out!

This is just a taste of what you can experience in St. Joseph. For more ideas check out other museums, dining, shopping, entertainment and outdoor exploring options.