November 16, 2016

The Museums Association of St. Joseph announces that the Museum Crawl program is underway. Participating museums in the St. Joseph area invite families to pick up a museum passport and visit each of the participating members, answering questions along the way.

“This self-driven history hunt is a fun way for kids and their families to experience our museums during the Thanksgiving and Christmas holiday season,” said Andrea McCoy, Remington Nature Center and Association President,  who worked to develop this project.

The Museum Crawl was developed to offer visitors a unique way to explore the museums in Buchanan and Andrew Counties. Participating sites include: Andrew County Museum; Walter Cronkite Memorial; St. Joseph Museums including the Glore Psychiatric Museum, Black Archives Museum and American Indian Galleries; Albrecht-Kemper Museum of Art; Wyeth-Tootle Mansion; Pony Express National Museum; Northwest Genealogical Society; Robidoux Row Museum; and the Remington Nature Center

“This region offers such a wide variety of museums, and all are very affordable,” said Cindy Daffron, Pony Express, who had the original idea for the project. “This is a fun, affordable way for families to find education and entertainment during the weekends and over school breaks.”  

Participants are invited to pick up a passport at any of the museums. As people visit each museum, they have two questions to answer and then can get their passport stamped.


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