There are many ways to explore everything St. Joseph has to offer and to help you out, we’ve created some special, interactive, self-guided tours. Follow the steps below and you’ll be well on your way!

Below are two tours we have developed via the App GuidiGO. Directions are on each card.

You can also find some newly developed tours from the St. Joseph Public Library featuring the St. Joseph Architecture of Edmond J. Eckel and Harvey Ellis here. 

Also, The Historic St. Joseph Emporium has information about various ways that you can experience this historic city! One great way is to take a tour with someone who has deep roots here. Jerry is that person — find out more about the Museum Hill neighborhood and/or Krug Park Place under his expert guidance! Find out how to book these great tours by visiting The Historic St. Joseph Emporium under the Market Square tab.

Or you may download these rack cards below.

Downtown Architecture Tour
Museums of St. Joseph Tour