June 24, 2020

The annual “First Walk” of the St. Joseph Sculpture Walk is now a tradition for many, and although due to social distancing requirements the opening reception is canceled, the Council is offering a responsible social distancing tour.

Organizer Teresa Fankhauser says the walk is enjoyable and engaging and invites everyone to “Wear your walking shoes, bring a bottle of water and your walking stick, yardstick, or six-foot PVC pipe and join us at the Felix Street Square for a curated tour of this year’s sculptures.” She adds, “After the tour, or during if you get too hot, stop in one of the numerous restaurants or bars downtown to cool off with a beverage of your choice.”


The Sculpture Walk is a year-long exhibit of juried, outdoor sculptures in Downtown St. Joseph.  This year’s 17 sculptures feature stunning works of art created by artists from across North America, including many pieces by Missouri sculptors. Residents are encouraged to vote for their favorite sculpture by completing the ballot found in the brochure and dropping it in one of the ballot boxes downtown or leaving it at the Allied Arts Council office.

The Allied Arts Council program is made possible through a partnership with the City of St. Joseph,  the St. Joseph Downtown Community Improvement District, business sponsors, and Friends of the Sculpture Walk.

For more information visit the Allied Arts Council’s website, www.stjoearts.org, or contact Teresa Fankhauser at teresa.fankhauser@stjoearts.org, or 816-233-0231.

The Allied Arts Council was organized in 1963 to provide service to St. Joseph area arts organizations, artists, and the general public. The Council has since grown into a federation of sixteen arts agencies and now produces community arts programs, raises funds, promotes public awareness, and provides service and support to its member agencies. The Allied Arts Council seeks to make St. Joseph a better place to live through the arts, and its mission is to provide leadership and support for the arts and to its member organizations.

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