May 20, 2021

In 2019, the St. Joseph Public Library’s genealogy and local history department began the process of creating an interactive cemetery map of Buchanan County and the surrounding area.  With locals and visitors alike having interest and questions about the surrounding cemeteries, the Convention and Visitors Bureau decided to partner with the St. Joseph Public Library and local historians to create a traveling exhibit entitled “Stories in Stone: Cemeteries of Buchanan County.”

Trevor Tutt, a local historian, was chosen by the Convention and Visitors Bureau to develop the traveling exhibit, similar to a prior exhibit, “Tower of St. Joseph: The Life of Harvey Ellis.”  Towers of St. Joseph highlights Mr. Ellis and his contribution to stunning architecture around St. Joseph. This exhibit is currently at the Visitors Center, but will be on display at the Visitors Bureau’s downtown office at 911 Frederick to make room for the Cemetery exhibit as of May 25th through June.

Stories in Stone is five double-sided panels highlighting cemeteries around the entirety of Buchanan County.  From the first county seat in Sparta,MO, with the cemetery of the same name, to the beloved Mount Mora in the city proper…And the obscure Bowen cemetery out in a farm field, to the local legend of the Liliger Family Cemetery at Sunbridge Hills Conservation area.  This exhibit portrays 18 different cemeteries, the fascinating people interned there, and much more. From a Revolutionary War veteran to our city’s founding father, Pony Express riders, and the victim of St. Joseph’s only recorded lynching.  Learn about the prosperous and the impoverished, to the infamous and those long since forgotten.  Stories in Stone has many stories to tell.

You can also find a driving tour on

The exhibit will debut in time for Memorial Day weekend at the Visitors Center, 502 N. Woodbine, and will be on display for an indeterminate amount of time.

Please note these exhibits can be loaned out for exhibit at your venue.  Contact Gracia Pinzino at with questions or for more information.

The Convention and Visitors Bureau would like to thank all who helped on the project.

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