March 30, 2021

In June 2016 of The Regular Joe paper we printed a “Tenderloin Manifesto” outlining our plans to trademark the phrase “Tenderloin Capital of the World” for the city of St. Joseph.

When the idea hit Facebook, we knew we were on to something. After researching it online, we found no one else had yet staked claim as the Tenderloin Capital. So, WE did! Tenderloins may have originated from Illinois or Indiana, depending on whom you believe, but when they first intersected with the proper cracker based breading (Premium Saltine Crackers were developed in St. Joseph) the original version became legendary. There’s no arguing, this little spot on the planet is where fresh pork and cracker crumbs first came together. Today restaurants have customized their own recipes to include hot tenderloins smothered in gravy, hand-breaded tenderloins the size of a large platter, and even grilled tenderloin sandwiches for the more health-conscious customer.

Then started the trademarking process. It was long and tedious, but after the powers that be found no conflicting claims, we were finally granted our prestigious honor early this year.

T-Shirts are now for sale with some of the best tenderloin places listed on the back, and we’re planning a big “Tenderloin Challenge” for next year. To keep up on all our local tenderloin adventures, follow us on Facebook at St. Joseph, Missouri – “Tenderloin Capital of the World,” where we list many of our reader’s favorites along with a map where you can ind all of the best tenderloin establishments.

We know there are plenty of good tenderloins around the Midwest, but our contention is that you cannot dare try to find a larger assortment than here in Northwest Missouri! We’re the “Tenderloin Capital of the World” and dare anybody else to say we’re not!

by Jay Kerner – The Regular Joe Paper

So, where can you find a great tenderloin in St. Jo?

Adams Bar & Grill, 1612 Commercial St.
American Legion Post 359, 2414 S. 4th St.
Biggin’s Sports Bar & Grill, 408 Hickory St.
Betty’s Café, 6307 King Hill Ave.
The Diner at Rosecrans Airport, 100 NW Rosecrans Rd.
D&G Pub and Grub, 1918 Frederick Ave.
First Ward House, 2101 St Joseph Ave.
Fredrick Inn, 1627 Frederick Ave
Hi-Ho Bar and Grill, 1817 Frederick Ave.
Hoof and Horn Steakhouse, 429 Illinois Ave.
Norty’s Bar & Grill, 1117 Frederick Ave
Pappy’s Grill & Pub, 2501 Messanie St.
Bob’s Fishing Lake, 15140 N 71 Highway, Savannah, MO
The Dairy Barn, 103 St Joseph St, Wathena, KS

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