February 6, 2018

Want the inside scoop on what residents like to do when out on the town? Well, we asked a few and they were more than happy to share their secret little shopping nooks, delectable dining dives, favorite outdoor adventures, and quirky cocktail corners.

Bob, Janel, and Bobby

A while back I met a nice girl at the East Hills Library at the Friend’s Front Row Film Series. A little while later, I dropped to my knees at Coleman Hawkins Park on stage at the Jazz Festival and asked her to marry me. Not so long later, we returned to the park to introduce our son to a variety of live music on Friday and Sunday nights. Be it an anniversary dinner at Boudreaux’s Louisiana Seafood and Steaks or drinks, conversation, and trivia fun at one of our unique bars… It’s not just supporting local. It’s a wonderful lifestyle. And for me personally, it’s been an introduction to a great, unexpected life. – Bob, Janel and Bobby Shultz


Terry and Bob Turbak

I absolutely love driving our beautiful parkway system. Each section of town has its own distinct personality and treasures. Downtown favorites like Nesting Goods for shopping, South End icons like Marek’s Deli, North End jewels like Krug Park, the parkway connects them all with a scenic greenway that is always a pleasure to drive!
– Terry Lindquist Turbak



Jomel and Joe Nichols

St. Joe has something for our entire family! My husband and I love The Tiger’s Den bookstore/bar for a date night or meeting up with friends. We usually enjoy dinner before or after at First Ward House, which has the best wings in town! For a perfect girls’ day out with my teenage daughter, we start at The Lucky Tiger vintage clothing shop and cap off our day with crepes and macaroons at Brioche French Bakery. And when our son returns from college, our entire family loves the holiday traditions of cutting down a Christmas tree at Schweitzer Orchards and driving through Holiday Park– Jomel & Joe Nichols


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